2014 Winners

2014 Australian Farmer of the Year: Robert Green

Robert Green farms a 15 hectare apple orchard in the Adelaide Hills that has been in his family since 1893. Oakleigh Orchards at Lenswood has 40,000 trees across 23 orchard blocks, and while the Australian apple production average is around 30 tonnes per hectare, Oakleigh produces more than 50 tonnes per hectare steadily, with the highest production block sitting at 107 tonnes per hectare.

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2014 Dairy Farmer of the Year: Greg Dennis

The Dennis family has owned and operated its 150 hectare dairy farm since the 1930s, and fifth generation dairy farmer Greg Dennis has carried on the family legacy well into the 21st century.

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2014 Livestock Producer of the Year: Joanne Stritch

A love for animals and a desire to change the way pigs were raised were the driving forces behind Joanne Stritch’s thriving free-range pig operation in Victoria.

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