Press Release: Finalists announced, new date confirmed


Kondinin Group and ABC Rural are pleased to reveal the finalists of the 2020-21 Australian Farmer of the Year Awards (in alphabetic order):

Kondinin Group and ABC Rural Australian Farmer of the Year 

James Brown

Jim Engelke

Matthew Davey 

Russell Hocking 


Young Farmer of the Year, sponsored by McDonald’s Australia

Andrew Terry

Emma Ayliffe

Matthew Glennan 


Farming Legend of the Year

Prof Andrew Barr

Kevin Butler

Susan Finnigan 


Rural Community Leader of the Year

Geoffrey Cox 

Grace Brennan

Jackie Elliot

Kathryn Robertson


Rural Consultant of the Year, sponsored by Corteva Agriscience

Liz Reily 

Dr Neil Moss

Rachel Bock


Agricultural Student of the Year, sponsored by AgriFutures Australia

Amy Munro

Jack Laurie

Philippa McCosker 


Award for Excellence in Innovation, sponsored by Telstra

Andrew Terry

James Brown

Matthew Davey 


Award for Excellence in Technology, sponsored by New Holland 

Brett South
 Matthew Davey

Award for Excellence in Diversification
Andrew Terry
 Bernardino and Carly Rocca
 Farren Atkinson

Award for Excellence in Agricultural Research
 Prof Daniel Rodriguez
 Prof David Jordan
 Dr Edward Narayan
 Dr Nicholas Berry 

The iconic awards were placed ‘on hold’ last year as the country dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Aspermont and Kondinin Group Publishing Director, Simon Tarmo, said the move to postpone the Awards was not made lightly and had the highest regard for the Awards in mind.

“By delaying our announcement until 2021, we ensured we did right by our winners and judges—who have done an amazing job processing all of the nominations—and also our sponsors and industry supporters, who help make the Awards a reality.”

“We are seriously impressed by our winners this year and look forward to publicly announcing them on 17 June at Parliament House, Canberra.”

The Announcement Ceremony will feature a live ABC Country Hour broadcast; announcing the winners Australia-wide from the event.

Award recipients will also participate in a one-day Leadership Program workshop, supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It will provide the Award recipients with a fresh look at their leadership goals and give them a solid foundation for the next step in their leadership journey.

Kondinin Group thanks all sponsors and industry supporters, who have stood behind the Awards during this challenging year. The 2020 Awards are supported by Platinum Sponsors WFI; Award Sponsors McDonalds, AgriFutures, Corteva Agriscience, Telstra and New Holland; Industry Supporters the National Farmers’ Federation, AgSafe, Goldacres and Blundstone; Leadership Program supporter the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources; and Media Partner RM William’s OUTback.

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